Webinar follow-up: Navigating the server end of sale and support

Hi Atlassian Community!

Thanks to everyone who joined us for our Navigating the server end of sale and support webinar. If you missed it or weren’t able to catch the whole thing, you can view the recording on-demand at any time.

You had a lot of great questions for us, and we weren’t able to answer all of them during the live sessions. In this post, we’ll cover the most popular ones and highlight the best resources to find the answers you need.

We’ve broken these out into a few topics, which you can navigate below:

  1. Your end of sale and support toolkit
  2. Questions about cloud
  3. Questions about Data Center
  4. Questions about migration
  5. Questions about pricing and licensing


1. Your end of sale and support toolkit

First, let’s cover the basic toolkit to help you navigate the server end of support. The resources below can help point you in the right direction as you assess your options and plan your next steps.


2. Questions about cloud

Data security, residency, and management

  • Is your data encrypted? Yes. Customer data in all of our Atlassian cloud products is encrypted in transit. Data drives on servers holding customer data and attachments in the following cloud products - Jira Software Cloud, Jira Service Desk Cloud, Jira Core Cloud, Confluence Cloud, Statuspage, Opsgenie, and Trello - use full disk, industry-standard AES-256 encryption at rest

  • What do you offer in terms of data residency? Today, we offer US and EU data residency with our cloud Enterprise plan. However, we’ve got a number of enhancements coming including additional regions (including Australia, Canada, the UK, and Japan) and expanded capabilities (e.g. data residency for apps). See our cloud roadmap for details.

  • Will you offer data residency for lower user tiers? Yes. We plan to offer data residency to all customer sizes, independent of our Enterprise plan - stay tuned for updates in this area in the next few weeks.

  • How secure is your cloud? We have a comprehensive security program inclusive of encryption at rest and in transit, rigorous security testing, third-party audits, and much more.

🌟 Looking for more? Join our cloud Security & Compliance Community group to interact directly with our Security team. Ask questions and get the latest updates on all things security at Atlassian.

Compliance roadmap (GDPR, HIPAA, FEDRAMP, NIST, etc)

Change management

  • How can I manage new feature releases on the cloud? With our Premium and Enterprise cloud plans, we offer a feature called release tracks. Release tracks provide admins with more control over when you and your users receive changes and new features.

  • How can I test and experiment before rolling out changes to my users on cloud? Our sandbox feature in our Premium and Enterprise cloud plans provide an isolated environment where you can do just that.

🌟 Join our cloud change management Community group to get the latest updates and connect with our product teams directly.

Custom domains

  • Can I customize my cloud site URL? When you sign up to create a cloud site, you will be asked to specify your URL - it will look like xxxxx.atlassian.net, where 'xxxxx' is customizable. We have plans to allow you to further customize your URL on our cloud roadmap.

IP allowlisting

  • Can I restrict access to specific IP addresses on cloud? Yes. Our Premium and Enterprise cloud plans offer a feature called IP allowlisting. This feature lets you specify which IP addresses users must use to access your company’s content.

User management

  • Can I connect my Active Directory/LDAP to Atlassian cloud products? Yes. With Atlassian Access, you can connect directly to your Active Directory to enable SSO. To enable automated user provisioning with your Active Directory, you’ll want to subscribe to Atlassian Access and follow the instructions here.

  • Do you offer SAML single sign-on (SSO) on cloud? Yes. With Atlassian Access, you can connect your Atlassian cloud products with your existing SSO or identity provider (e.g. Okta, Azure AD, Onelogin, etc) for seamless, secure authentication.

Apps and customization

  • How can I tell if my apps are available on cloud? Our cloud migrations assistants make it easy to see which apps are available, how your apps are currently used, and determine which you’ll need in cloud.


3. Questions about Data Center

Differences between server and Data Center

  • What’s the difference between server and Data Center? While Data Center offers features that you may be familiar with, we’ve added additional capabilities for enterprises and admins in scaled self-managed environments. You can learn more about the differences for each product in our Data Center migration guide.

Options for Bamboo

  • When will Bamboo Data Center be available? This is currently scheduled for Q3-Q4 2021, and you can follow our Data Center roadmap for the latest updates on when this will be available. In the meantime, you can remain on Bamboo Server, wait to upgrade to Bamboo Data Center, or migrate to Bitbucket Pipelines (Bitbucket Cloud’s native CI/CD tool).

  • Does Bamboo integrate with Jira Cloud? Yes. You can learn more about how it works and how to set it up in our documentation.


4. Questions about migration

Cloud migration resources

  • How do I plan a migration? If you’re ready to explore cloud, you can visit our cloud migration center which provides you with step-by-step guides, free migration tools, and a dedicated migration support team.

  • What support is available for cloud migration? You can learn more about the migration process, tools, resources, and support available in our cloud migration center, or visit our documentation for an in-depth overview of migration support. To get in touch with our migration support team, just submit a support ticket here and select “migration support”.

  • How do the free cloud migration trials work? To help you evaluate and migrate to cloud over time, we provide cloud migration trials that match your user tier (up to 10,000) and the length of your remaining server maintenance or Data Center subscription (up to 12 months).

Cloud migration tools

  • Where can I learn more about the cloud migration assistants (migration tools)? Visit our documentation for the Jira and Confluence cloud migration assistants. Additionally, learn how you can use the migration assistants for app assessment.

  • What’s the roadmap for migration tools? In addition to the tools we offer today, we’re working on a number of exciting updates that will make your migration easier. This includes migration assistants for Jira Service Desk, Bitbucket, Marketplace apps, and much more. Visit our roadmap for details.

Migration strategy

  • Can I link my server or Data Center products to cloud? Yes. If you want to move some products to cloud while leaving others self-managed or migrate in stages, you can create two-way links between your cloud and server or Data Center products.

Data Center migration resources

  • How do I migrate from server to Data Center? In general, the migration from server to Data Center is much simpler than that to cloud. If you don’t need high-availability and your software version is up to date (within the past two years or so), then your server instance can be changed to a Data Center instance by simply changing out your license key. Once the Data Center license key is updated, you'll have access to Data Center’s out-of-the-box features. If you need high-availability or want access to features that require that architecture, you’ll need to build out a clustered architecture, add nodes, an external database, and add a load balancer to your instance. Our Data Center migration center outlines the process for each approach and has everything you need to get started.

  • Can I try Data Center before migrating? Yes. You can trial Data Center by creating a new Data Center trial license in my.atlassian.com.

  • How can I get support when migrating to Data Center? As a new Data Center customer, you’ll have access to a Customer Success Manager as a resource for your first year. They can provide you with the right guidance to help you get up and running quickly - reach out here. If you have a migration question or issue, you can submit a support ticket here and select “migration support”. For help with a large-scale migration, we also have a wide network of partners globally that are experienced in Atlassian migrations. Finally, check our Community if you’re looking for peer advice. For a full summary of the resources available to you, visit our Data Center migration center.

  • Will my server apps work in Data Center? When you plan your migration, you’ll want to ensure your server apps are compatible with Data Center, as your apps will need to be upgraded to a Data Center version if one is available. If there currently isn’t a Data Center version of your app, you can continue to use your server app but will be required to upgrade once one becomes available.


5. Questions about pricing and licensing

Pricing (quotes, renewals, discounts, etc.)

  • Where do I find information on the new pricing? You can find detailed information on the future pricing for server and Data Center here.

  • What happens if I don’t renew my server maintenance before February 2, 2021? If you don't renew your server maintenance before February 2, 2021, you will pay the new pricing upon your next renewal.

  • When can I renew my server license until? You can continue to renew your server maintenance until February 2, 2023, for use until February 2, 2024.

  • If I upgrade my Data Center subscription after February 2, 2021, do I pay the new list pricing? If you have an existing Data Center subscription that you purchased before February 2, 2021 and you upgrade your subscription after February 2, 2021, you will pay the “New price for existing subscriptions” listed here.

  • How does dual licensing work? If you’re an existing server or Data Center customer and you purchase an annual cloud subscription of 1,001 or more users, we will extend your existing server maintenance or Data Center subscription for up to 1 year at a 100% discount. This dual license is intended to help larger customers migrate over extended timeframes if needed. If you aren’t eligible for dual licensing, you can use your cloud migration trial to get a free cloud subscription for the remainder of your server maintenance.

  • How are Starter licenses (10 users) impacted by pricing changes? Server Starter licenses are not impacted by these pricing changes.

Academic, Community, and Open Source licenses

  • Do you offer Academic, Community, and Open Source discounts for cloud and Data Center? We offer free or discounted Academic, Community, and Open Source subscriptions for cloud. We also offer discounted Academic subscriptions for Data Center and, effective February 2, 2021, we will offer free Community subscriptions for Data Center. At this time, we do not plan to offer Open Source Data Center subscriptions.

:rolled_up_newspaper: Stay across the latest with What’s new? Updates related to the server end of sale and support – a quick recap of the updates, resources, and answers that we’re prioritizing in response to listening to your feedback.

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