Missing questions have been migrated to community

Hi all,

The tl;dr version:

The missing content has now been migrated to Atlassian Community. Yay!

The longer version:

You may have been following the many discussions about the developer-focused content that was not initially migrated to Atlassian Community.

Questions missing after Atlassian Answers migrated to Community

Why can't I access certain questions from Atlassian Answers?

Why [are] some questions not showing up in the upgraded community site?

This content was initially excluded in part because it was tagged "developer." We haven't yet migrated developer content over here, so we did not want to mix up developer and user-focused content.

However, the strong feedback from the community was that much of this content did have value and was relevant to users, and that we had created inconvenience and disappointment going this route.

We took in this feedback and worked hard to restore the content as quickly as possible. Now it's back!

As we look towards the next step, which is migrating all our developer content here, we would love some input on where to draw the line between "ecosystem developer" content and "Atlassian user" content.

This is extra confusing because some of our users are also developers. But we want to specifically address developers who build on top of Atlassian products, vs. developers who are end users, and keep their content separate so searches and browsing stays relevant. 

Question 1: Does this distinction make sense? Is there a way we can make it clearer?  

Question 2: Clearly, using the "developer" tag as a guideline was not the most useful one for splitting this content.  Is there a better way?

We would love your input so the community is as useful to all of you -- end users, ecosystem developers, and developer users -- as possible. 

Thanks for your input, and let me know if you have any issues accessing the legacy content!

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Jack Brickey
Community Leader
Community Leader
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October 12, 2022

Wow...blast from the past! Thanks for making this happen @Monique vdB !

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