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Kanban, Prediction and linkage to a GANTT chart

Curt Pearlman May 24, 2018

Hello community, interested in your feedback. So we have Kanban teams, each focuses on a key area of functionality, each with its own backlog of tickets drawn from various epics. Now, some of those epics are part of larger programs that have required delivery dates. So the overall objective in my mind is how to blend Kanban methodology against tickets that sit on a GANTT chart? 

My thought is this. A ticket could contain two pairs of dates within it. It could have a required start/end date pair, specified by a project manager, that supports finish-to-start type dependencies, and appears in a GANTT chart. The second date-pair could be a Kanban start/end date which is read-only and calculated by Jira, based on the ticket's position in the backlog and the velocity of the Kanban board. 

The Kanban product manager's job is to monitor those date pairs, and adjust the position of the ticket in the backlog, until the calculated (aka predicted) dates align with the required dates. 

In this way, we preserve the benefits of Kanban but get the predictability required of work that has time-sensitive dependencies in a larger epic/program. 

Am I over-thinking this? Are there better ways? Can Jira support the calculation mentioned?

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tk August 11, 2022

@Curt Pearlman 

I have exactly the same problem and looking for solution. 

Have you solved it?

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