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Why don't the Initiatives that Epics belong to show up in view?

Tarang April 9, 2020

Here is the problem:

I have a Program view across many teams using their individual Portfolio plan.  The Portfolio plan is derived from the Team board - as this ensure the teams reality is being mapped in their portfolio plan - really their Agile Release Plan.

Number of teams have Epics that are part of an Initiative.

Given this, then why do I not see the Initiative under the relevant teams Portfolio Plan?

Why does the Program view not show the Initiative details either?

I would expect this to show up in both the places given that there is an explicit hierarch, 1 to many,  for Issue types: Theme ->Initiative->Epic


Form hierarchical structure point of view and metaphorically speaking of parent child relationship what I am seeing is odd behavior.

In truth for any given child, doesn’t matter what teams they support (or skirt or pants they wear) they always know their parents and in turn their grandparents. (but for orphaned child)

Story knows if it’s parent is an Epic (if it has one) which knows it’s parent is an Initiative (if its part of one)

So with this in mind when pulling an portfolio together it should have the same behavior preserved. 

However I am not seeing this?

I am seeing that Initiatives are being filtered out, and the band-aide fix is to Include a filter that includes all initiatives on every team portfolio. Then exclude all the Versions that are irrelevant to the team to setup Portfolio view with Initiatives.

Surely this is a design flaw and/or I am missing something.

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