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Ordering tasks in Kanban based on Portfolio Epic schedule

Marek Wałach April 17, 2020



I would like to know what will be the best solution to ordering tasks for developers. Here is the situation: 

I have 1 project (kanban) with epic and stories. Stories in one epic can be done by different teams but they need to be all released in single release. I rank (reorder) epics bases on what needs to come first so due dates are met. And now I would like to have tasks in Kanban order by order of epics. Otherwise developers will don't know what task they should take first unless I manually rerank stories for them but will generate errors since it will have no hard link to epic orders. 


Let's take a quick example:

I have 3 epic: Epic1, Epic2, Epic3 and all have 2 stories: [Epic1]Story1, [Epic1]Story2, [Epic2]Story1 etc.

At start I will have [Epic1]Story1 first in Kanban but when reorder Epics and now Epic3 needs to be done first [Epic1]Story1 is still first and this will not make my Epic3 to be done by scheduled date.


Is there any good solution for this? How do you manage such cases for ordering work for developers?

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