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Linking Epics to higher level hierarchies

Michael Gogos April 18, 2022

Hi All.

I wanted to start using Advanced Roadmaps for a project I inherited.

Using temporary full admin permissions I no longer have, I created Initiative and Theme issue types for the project scheme. Like this;


Theres a lot of extras in this scheme that I dont want to use, my objectives for this project are to have a hierarchy like;

Story / Task

I can give Initiatives a parent Theme;

Assign Initiative Parent.png

However, I cannot give Epics an Initiatives parents, or any parent really...;

Assign Epic Parent.png


What am I doing wrong here?

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Tomasz Przybyt April 19, 2022


There is an answer here:

Basically you will have to add "Parent link" field to your EPIC issue type screen. Then you will set up INITIATIVE as parent to EPIC. Last step will be to configure roadmap hierarchy under: Plans->Administration->Hierarchy configuration

When completed you will be able to set up parent issue to EPIC's on roadmap plan.


Rick Olson April 19, 2022

You're right about the use of the Parent link. It must be done so that Jira knows that Initiative to link the Epic to.

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Michael Gogos April 20, 2022

Thank you Tomasz and Ric both. Through checking your advice, I think I'd found my problem. A strange issue type that exists in between Epic and Initiative, that I cant skip, even though that strange issue type is not available in my project...

So I'd already performed that step of adding a Parent Link field, but it still wouldnt let me connect an epic to an initiative;


So when I click the down chevron, I see a list of issues of a type that was created in a trial performed by another team I have no contact with;


and I cant skip that issue type in the hierarchy even though it is not part of my project.... argh....


So the existence of this "Requirement(Jama)" issue type somewhere in my large organization, which is not even in use by my project, is preventing me from using advanced roadmaps in a way I want to.

Does anyone know of any way to get around this without breaking what the other team are doing with this issue type??


Thank you!

Michael Gogos April 20, 2022

I'm 99% sure this will solve my issue, but I need to wait to get admin access again to try it out :)

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Rick Olson April 19, 2022

If I recall correctly, I had to include a filter, in my list of Issue sources, that includes the list of Initiatives and Themes I want my epics linked to.

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