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Jira Roadmaps Summary by Assignee?

ETC DevOps February 4, 2021

In Advanced roadmaps it is possible to group a plan by Assignee, which is great to see what each person in a teams load is on a calendar view. However, it doesn't do a rollup of every item under that person into a consolidated view of that person's calendar view for the time period being viewed. Seeing the individual items is great, but is it possible to also have it roll up those slots into a summary for that assignee as well? We have crawled around in the settings and documentation and can't seem to divine if this is a feature we have missed how to implement or if it's not a feature that is present in the product.


In the image on the red marked line, is it possible to configure the view to roll the sub items up into a summary row for that assignee (or more generally what the view is being grouped by) that shows if they have gaps that can be filled?

Showing individual items is also good to have, but when you have many items across many persons in a larger group it can become difficult to see the high level picture and to then know where you can slot things into peoples schedules. Especially true since when collapsed you get no calendar information from the items of the collapsed assignee. The hope being that you could look at the list of unassigned items and then the calendar of your team and know where to slot it in, similar to finding an empty slot for a meeting in an Outlook calendar. It has the top row which shows the aggregate of all participants and where the holes to schedule in are.

Or perhaps is there a different way to use Jira/Roadmaps to get at what we're after in terms of scheduling items across a team? Sprints and agile methodologies don't really apply to this use case because this is a group not working in discreet 1-2 week chunks, but if those features get us there we could co-opt them for our purpose I suppose.

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Atlassian Team
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February 25, 2021

Hi @ETC DevOps ,

Sorry for the slow answer to this question.... the short answer, is no it's currently not possible to do this. Something we've been thinking about it the possibility of grouping by team member so that you have nested sub-groups of assignees within each team group and that this could show how much work they've been allocated from the current team sprint. Do you think this approach would meet the need that you're describing?



ETC DevOps January 31, 2023

Hello, and sorry for the even longer time to respond back to you!

I think I'd need to see what you're referencing to get an idea of if it'd work. Even a mock up illustrating the point. Seems you're talking about this in a sprint context and we're looking at this in a calendar context?

Given the years that have past since I asked this possible some of this is already in Jira Datacenter, which we're migrating to here soon.

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