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Issue do not show in the road map

Andreea Andrei February 24, 2022


We are using Jira Server and we have Advance Roadmap v8.18.1.
I have created yesterday a roadmap based on a filter and there are some issue that don't appear in the roadmap. In the filter are 179 issues and in the roadmap only 45.
I have notice that all the tickets in the status "Abandon" and "Resolved" do not show plus User stories ( there are only 2).
I have increased the "Include completed issues for" to 1000 but doesn't make a different.
I have attached print screens with evidence.

Could you please support for this issue?

Best regards,
Andreeacompleted issues.PNGroadmap.PNGfilter.PNG

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AMIT GULATI February 25, 2022

@Andreea Andrei Can you try clicking on the filter and see what options are available for Status?

Andreea Andrei February 25, 2022


I looked on that before and there is nothing checked:


AMIT GULATI February 25, 2022

@Andreea Andrei That's what i was expecting. While creating the plan, are these abandoned issues showing up in the final step where it confirms the content of the plan? Also, can you try using the scrum board as the source?

Andreea Andrei February 25, 2022

@AMIT GULATI at the final step, indeed I cannot see all the issues, I can see only 45 that are also showed in the roadmap.

I created a scrum board based on the same filter. I have changed the mapping of the columns so I can see Abandon and Resolved issue in the board. Then I have change the issue source from the roadmap to the new board created. But the results it's the same. I can see only those 45 issues. Again, in the final step only 45 issues were displayed. 

AMIT GULATI February 25, 2022

@Andreea Andrei That's strange. Can you share the workflow pic.

Andreea Andrei February 25, 2022


Here it's the workflow @AMIT GULATI 

AMIT GULATI February 28, 2022

@Andreea Andrei Sorry, I am out of ideas. If something clicks, i will surely respond.

Andreea Andrei February 28, 2022

@AMIT GULATI  Thank you for your support 

AMIT GULATI February 28, 2022

@Andreea Andrei Just a thought, Plans plug-in is basically for planning ahead. If the issue has been abandoned, does it really makes it way to the plan or is it better to ignore it?

Andreea Andrei March 1, 2022


For this specific case, we would like to have it.

But it is the same with the resolved tasks. Usually are they excluded from the plan? Because in this case, they are not displayed also.

AMIT GULATI March 1, 2022

@Andreea Andrei Resolved tasks are not excluded since they are used to calculate the past velocity.

Andreea Andrei March 2, 2022

@AMIT GULATI So in this case, I guess, that abandoned issue should be showed as well

AMIT GULATI March 2, 2022

@Andreea Andrei It depends on the definition of abandoned issue. 

And the original problem still remains unresolved i.e. why these issues are not showing up

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