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In Scope mode, what are the check boxes next to Stories/Jiras used for ?

Deborah Fein March 28, 2019

New user to Portfolio.  I created a plan and brought in one board.  Portfolio lists the Stories it brought in along with the Issues without parent Epics.  Each of these are selectable.  What does selecting them do?

My thought was it allows you to then select what you REALLY want included so you'd select those and recalculate but i'm not sure.


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Tony Pham March 28, 2019

Hi Deborah,

If you select them, then it will show up on your plan but it will not have any parent issues. If you don't select them, it will not show up on your plan. The purpose of portfolio plan is to show the statistics of the hierarchy of your scalable framework (e.g. initiative, theme, project, epic, story, sub-task....). You can configure the hierarchy for your plan by follow the instructions from this link:

Deborah Fein March 29, 2019

I'm still confused. I'm not referring to one of the 5 steps where you are setting up your plan.  I understand that there I can select items that will be part of the scope of the plan.  I"m referring to after the plan is created if you click on the Scope button it shows what you included in your plan (right)?  and there's a check box to the left of each of the jiras it brought in.  is that what you meant?  if so can you explain a little more.  thanks.

Tony Pham March 30, 2019

Hi Deborah,

Yes, you are correct. Those checkboxes are available within the Scope view is to give the user another chance to decide if you want those issues without parents to be included in the plan or not. When you click on one of the checkboxes, you will see some button showing up at top to allow you to Exclude them from the plan.

Another way of exclude them is to edit your plan's resources...this will take you back to the data configuration screen.

Hope this answer your question.

Debbie Weinstein April 1, 2019

Thank you.  

So everything when looking at Scope has already been imported and is part of my Plan.  The check boxes will EXCLUDE anything I select. Got it! (i didn't notice the Exclude from Plan option that displayed. 

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