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Can velocity be specified for individual team members in Jira Portfolio (Cloud)?

Amy Wilkinson August 13, 2019

We are currently experimenting with teams.  Each team has a velocity assigned ("Forecast velocity" is selected for each team.)  We would like to test different scenarios where we add new team members and see what it does to the plan.  Unfortunately, it does not change the Forecast velocity at all and therefore does not change the plan.  The only way I can get it to affect the plan is if I change the plan configuration to use hours instead of story points.  Also, if I add a new person to the team, I can specify the weekly hours available for that team member, but not story points.  I found some documentation about how to do it (link following below), but I don't see where this is.  Maybe the documentation is for Jira Server and Cloud does not have this capability?  Per the documentation:

"You can adjust upcoming velocity based on the availability of team members. When this option is selected, Portfolio for Jira will calculate the impact on the team velocity for any limited presence, absences, or weekly hours set in the team member's detailed dialog. The adjusted forecasted velocity for future sprints is displayed in the bar graph. 

Portfolio for Jira makes the assumption that every resource (team member) contributes equally to the total team velocity."

Please advise!  Thank you!



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Chris Melville August 14, 2019

I would be happy if you could adjust forecasted story point velocity for the team as a whole.  The only way to do this today is, as you suggest, using hourly forecasting.

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