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Created Jan 6, 2021, Last active Aug 5, 2021

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  • What would people like to see here?

    Hi all Just thought I would start a post to see if anyone had any ideas for the group?  Would you like to see anything else from us?  Or do you have an idea for an ACE? Drop your reply in...

    Liam Green started a discussion 0 0 08-05-2021
  • Where are you? And what do you do?

    Hi group! I was just wondering where everyone in our little group is from?  Are we local or worldwide?  I also wondered what everyone does as a job, does it directly include Atlassian or i...

    Liam Green started a discussion 1 2 08-04-2021
  • ACE tomorrow 🥳   RSVP on the link and we ...

    aly_briscoe started a discussion 1 1 07-26-2021
  • Watch this space!!! New ACE coming soon....

    Hi all,  Hope everyone is well 😊 Very excited to say we have a new ACE about to be launched in the Wolverhampton space! Watch this space for more news on this very soon!! 💙 As we move forwa...

    aly_briscoe started a discussion 0 0 07-01-2021
  • JQL Workshop Thursday at 1pm..... lets do this!

    Hi all!!!   I’m looking forward to catching up with the Atlassian community!   Thursday the Wolverhampton ACE is presenting a JQL workshop, please join us, learn something new and suppo...

    aly_briscoe started a discussion 2 3 05-03-2021
  • Introduction

    Hi folks I am so pleased to be helping launch the Virtual session tomorrow with a presentation on the Atlassian tools and the changes starting on Feb 2.  Come with your questions around server...

    Phill Fox started a discussion 5 3 01-25-2021
  • Super excited for the January ACE!

    Anyone else super excited for the Wolverhampton ACE on Jira Migration with  @Phill Fox ?? its going to be epic!! We also we have some Atlassian Store vouchers to give away during ...

    aly_briscoe started a discussion 2 2 01-15-2021
  • Bit of Friday fun :)

    If you could have one of these superpowers, which one would you choose?   👀Be invisible whenever you want 💪🏻Superhuman Strength 🐶Talk to animals 🧠Read minds 🦅Be able to fly

    aly_briscoe asked a question 3 12 01-15-2021
  • Hello Wolverhampton Community Group

    Just joined after seeing the Community Notification in the Welcome Center. I hope to follow and learn more and maybe even be able to contribute.

    Danno started a discussion 3 3 01-13-2021
  • Hello

    Hi everyone, I am a QA Manager/Jira Admin for a large company.

    Anne Gallant started a discussion 4 5 01-13-2021
  • Intro

    Hi everyone,    I am a digital project manager working in software industry for a couple of years.  Working with Jira and Trello for now, but learning new things every day!  ...

    Spasoje Jesic published an article 3 4 01-13-2021
  • Welcome!

    Hi All Just wanted to welcome you all to the new ACE Wolverhampton group which is launching this year with lots of exciting events :) Please use this area to give your input....interested to hear f...

    aly_briscoe started a discussion 3 4 01-12-2021
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