Very new! How do I get started with my shiny new nonprofit license?

On a recommendation from tech industry friends, I applied for the free community licenses for nonprofits from Atlassian - I'm told I'll most clearly benefit from Jira Service Desk and Confluence.

The Atlassian people are apparently highly efficient (speaks well of their software...?) and approved my request in 24 hours instead of the anticipated 3 weeks.

I'm looking to set up these two items especially for my team to improve efficiency. It requires a server; it's not the cloud-based version (that's all that's available for the free license).

A friend suggested AWS would work.

I've never used any of these.

Really, the most I know about this stuff is that they sponsor NPR and podcasts.

Does you use Jira and Confluence (and others, perhaps)? Do you host it on AWS? Somewhere else? Do you know where to turn to start to figure this out? Do you have a link to the very basic version of how to make all this work?

Thank you!!


Hi there, 

If you are not tech savvy and have no knowledge on the products, your best bet is to turn to an Atlassian Partner nearby to help you get started. You can find one from the Partners directory here:




Good luck! 

oddly enough, despite being in a city with a preponderance of tech and startups and such, the nearest partner is 350+ miles away? 

i have zero knowledge on the products, but am tech savvy enough to work through a problem if i know what to look for in the support docs.

i'll keep digging...

You do not really need the partner to beon-site, they can help you setup the products remotely. Even a training can be done that way. Partners are usually creative, I would know as I work for one ;) 

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Welcome! I'm not able to help much with the hosting questions.

Here is some documentation that might help.

You might also like to check out the new group for non profits and ask for help there.

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Erica Moss Community Manager May 09, 2019

@Jen Lopez Welcome, welcome! I see you've already found your way to the nonprofit group, which will be a great tribe to start with. 😄 Be sure to check out some of our fun collections like off-topic and the Friday Fun threads, too.


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