Tuesday tips & tricks: How to manage alerts

Erica Moss Community Manager May 08, 2019

The challenge in joining any new community — or even when you’ve been in one for many years — is surfacing the content you care most about.

In the Atlassian Community, one of the best ways to do so is to create alerts for topics and products that interest you.

Example: If I do a search for “Jira Premium,” I see a blue “Create alert” button next to the results.

jira premium.png
If I click it, I’ll automatically receive an email when that term is used.

jira premium alert.png

You can add or remove alerts at any time under Manage Settings.

jira premium manage.png

We’re curious: What alerts do you have set up? Any particular topics you think other folks should be tuning in to? Share in the comments. 😎


Jack Community Leader May 08, 2019

Thanks for posting @Erica Moss ! Great tip for sure. It reminds me that I need to turn my Summit presentation into an article. I need to find some time to make this happen.

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Erica Moss Community Manager May 08, 2019

@Jack Yes, please!

Monique vdB Community Manager May 08, 2019

Here are mine -- I'm not sure why "community release notes" is on the list since I'm the one who posts the community release notes! But I never want to miss one of @Meg Holbrook's Miscellaneous Mondays or our Friday Fun threads. 


Screen Shot 2019-05-08 at 10.12.35 AM.png

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FUN MAN ANDY Community Leader May 10, 2019

“One ALERT to rule them all, One ALERT to find them, One ALERT to bring them all. and in MY INBOX bind them.”

It's probably mentally insane of me to just have everything get dumped in the Daily Digest and then have to spend so much time trawling through it all, but that's how I like it!

Today's Daily Digest was 75 strong! (One of which was this post, so.... the theory of crazy seems to be working!)


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Jack Community Leader May 10, 2019

maybe i should create the following alert? "*.*"


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FUN MAN ANDY Community Leader May 10, 2019

Hah hah! Yes! Most definitely!


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