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Hello dear Atlassian Community,

Greetings from snowy Zagreb (Croatia). I am a team lead for developers and using Jira for our collaboration. We primarily make mobile apps, websites and web shops. We are very satisfied with the level of customization of Jira and welcome all advice this large community provides. So far excellent!

Thank you and feel free to get in touch with me via my personal web: www.radulovic.com.hr


Welcome to the community Filip.

I'm hoping to visit Croatia in the next couple of years, including Zagreb.

You will surely enjoy it. Simple tip:

Summer - coastline
Winter - Zagreb


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Erica Moss Community Manager Nov 21, 2018

Welcome to the party, @Filip Radulović! We're glad you're here. Be sure to show us your snowy view, and check out the Jira collection.

Thank you for the warm welcome. The show us your snowy view will have to wait as the clouds still didn't decide to go full winter, so at the moment it's rainier then snowy, maybe next week.

Thank you for the Jira collection link, will surely check it out.

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