Hi there, I am new and looking forward to learning as much as possible. I've been using Jira but haven't done a deep dive. I'm tasked with becoming the go to person for Jira and Confluence. Steep learning curve, any suggestions?


Jimmy Seddon Community Leader Sep 18, 2019

Hi @Dave_Robertson!

Nice to meet you, Welcome to the Community!

I'd recommend checking out the product collections and feel free to ask questions, Everyone here is very friendly!


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Hi Jimmy, 


Thank you for the warm welcome. Where can I find the product collections? 

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Jimmy Seddon Community Leader Sep 18, 2019

If you click on the explore menu option next to the "Atlassian Community" banner it will allow you to see all the collections (product and otherwise).

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Great! Thank you.

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Hi @Dave_Robertson and welcome to the Atlassian Community!

Atlassian University is a great place to start gathering some knowledge about Atlassian products and services.

You can access to free tutorials, enroll in particular training and much more :)

For example, you can see some Jira tutorials here.

And the most important, we are here to support you, so as @Jimmy Seddon said, feel free to ask anything! :)

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Thank you Teodora!

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FUN MAN ANDY Community Leader Sep 19, 2019

@Dave_Robertson : Atlassian University really is great! By gaining your Atlassian Certified Professional (ACP) qualifications you really challenge yourself as a User of Jira, Confluence and more ! ! 

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Hey @Dave_Robertson

Welcome to the community! As @Teodora _Botron_ said, the Atlassian University is great place to look. Another great source of information is YouTube. Atlassian has their own channel and there's tons of other tutorials from other people.

I also recommend getting a test instance spun up if you haven't already. That allows you to press every button Jira has and not worry about what you might be doing. Its a great way to learn!

If you run into any problems or have questions, we are all here to help you!

FUN MAN ANDY Community Leader Sep 19, 2019

@Dave_Robertson Woooowwwww...... that is awesome!

WELCOME to the online community. You are gonna love it. As you undertake your journey to becoming your companies Atlassian Admin we will be here to support you every step of the way!

There is sooooo much to share with (yes! even with everything Jimmy, Teodora and Cody have already shared).

But let's go with baby steps....

1) Look to the offline Community for support as well - we have many awesome Community Events across the globe. Hopefully one is near you: 

2) The Atlassian tools are playing up...? check StatusPage first before Community or Support! 

3) Atlassian's own Support page - everything on here is vital, but GET accustomed to the Suggestions & Bug Reporting section! It's complex and you must have full admin rights of your company's Atlassian system to manage it. BUT knowing you way around this one is quite vital and helps so much! 

4) As you have done already... KEEP coming to the Online community... you can Watch the various groups and channels to get a daily summary in your email PLUS once you work out how to ask questions properly, you'll get fast answers! When you're stuck and need help always make sure your put in the right tags... e.g.: JIRA, SERVER, etc. etc.
There's also great Gamification with Badge challenges and there's a lot of fun going on in Off Topic: https://community.atlassian.com/t5/Off-topic/ct-p/off-topic

Warning.... it's all highly addictive!!! :oO

Wow, that's a lot of great information Andy! Thank you. 

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FUN MAN ANDY Community Leader Sep 19, 2019

You are most welcome Dave. Any time!

Erica Moss Community Manager Sep 20, 2019

@Dave_Robertson Welcome to the party, Dave! I already see a lot of great suggestions here, so it sounds like you're in good hands. 😄

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Kerwin Chung Atlassian Team Sep 22, 2019

@dave robertson Welcome to the community. In my experience, there are some steps below,


Step1: Basic 

Draw a picture of the Jira and confluence  Structures from Admin guides.



Category->Project->all schemes->content(Issue type,workflow(contain property,validation,post-function), screen(create,edit,view), filed, priority, ....)->details


Dashboard->all gadgets->JQL(There are a lot of charts which base JQL)


Board->Kanban, Scrum->JQL



Space(Personal, public)->page,blog(All kind of ....)->macro(a lot of)


You will understand the BASIC concepts of Jira and confluence.



Step2: Learn how to use these two system form use cases

Like @FUN MAN ANDY  There are a lot scenarios form the real world.

Also, Team playbooks is a good material.



Step3: Learn System Admin concepts from Install guide and Admin guide.



Step4: Lear Apps form Marketplace. (There are a bunch of apps which you can extend.)



Besides, there are several useful links for you.





Hope you enjoy the journey of Jira and Confluence.

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FUN MAN ANDY Community Leader Sep 23, 2019

Excellent crash course in Admin Life @Kerwin Chung Great additions! 😎🤘

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Kerwin Chung Atlassian Team Sep 23, 2019

Thanks!! @FUN MAN ANDY 

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This is really great, thank you Kerwin.

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Kerwin Chung Atlassian Team Sep 23, 2019

No worries.

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Jodi LeBlanc Community Leader Sep 29, 2019

Welcome @Dave_Robertson to the community! Please check out my "Three Things I Wish I'd Known" post, which you may find helpful:


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