Joining for the Badge, staying for the community.

Hi All,

I was walking around the Summit today and saw the badge center and discovered the Atlassian community. I didn't realize the wealth of information that was out there. I am sure I will be around these parts picking people's brains (and hopefully sharing my own brain parts) as we continue to expand our use of the Atlassian products.






Monique vdB Community Manager Apr 10, 2019

Welcome @Patrick Ricciardi ! There are tons of resources here depending on your industry, product, area, and interests!

We also have a Summit Scavenger Hunt going on right now for those who are at Summit if you'd like to participate and earn your first challenge badge. 😉

Erica Moss Community Manager Apr 10, 2019

@Patrick Ricciardi Hi, Patrick! We're so happy you found us. 😄 I recommend hopping over to the Welcome Center to check out our FAQs and some rules of the road, and be sure to peruse our Friday Fun threads.


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