Introduction - Product Manager with 4 years Jira experience

Hi! I am not new to Jira, but with all the new updates it feels like I am new. I have also started a new role as Product Manager with SupplyShift. In making this transition it is my goal to learn how to more fully utilize all of the features Jira offers to help my team get on the same page in a scale-able, efficient and organized manner. Does anyone have suggestions for unique ways to use Jira or Confluence? Or maybe a favorite (but slightly unknown feature)? Any guidance on where to start as an advanced user, who learned by using and not by any formal training?

Any feedback or suggestions are greatly appreciated!

Thank you!



Jimmy Seddon Community Leader Oct 08, 2019

Hi @Micky_Curtis,

Welcome to the Community!

First, you should check out the Atlassian University for training courses, they have a number of great options for beginner and advanced users.

Unique ways to use Jira... ohh actually there's a whole thread about this very topic you should check it out here: https://community.atlassian.com/t5/Jira-discussions/What-s-your-best-Jira-Software-tip-trick-workaround/m-p/1153038#M8416

Don't hesitate to ask questions here everyone is very friendly!


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Thank you @Jimmy Seddon . I will definitely check that out!

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Erica Moss Community Manager Oct 08, 2019

@Micky_Curtis Welcome, welcome! I'll let other folks chime in here with their best practices, but I do want to encourage you to check out some of the product collections, our new Answerer badge and Friday Fun. 😄


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