Hi From Summit 2019!

This is my first Summit! The Summit app has been invaluable to helping navigate to the meetings I don't want to miss. The last talk was about working remote. I am starting a 95% remote gig on Monday so the insights are timely! 


Stephanie Grice Community Manager Apr 12, 2019

Welcome, Sharon! Glad the app helped you get the most out of your first Summit. I work remotely from home (in Portland, Oregon) full-time! 

@Stephen_Sifers__DFW_ wrote a great article on remote work. You should chime in on his post with some of the tips you learned during the session!

Erica Moss Community Manager Apr 12, 2019

@Sharon_Connell Welcome, welcome! Glad Summit treated you well. 😄 In addition to Stephanie's suggestion, I also recommend the Trello blog for remote work tips!


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