Hello from a new-to-Confluence Tech Writer

Greetings, Atlassian folks! I'm a technical writer (20+ years) new to using Confluence as a content dev tool, though I've used it as a source of SME content for many years. I'm looking for other tech writers who are using Confluence as both a source-of-record for content management and as the primary development location for tech pubs content. I will be outputting end-user API/SDK/programming manuals directly to PDF. Any advice is greatly appreciated as I begin this process. Cheers from Minnesota! --Laura


Hey @Laura_Schneider

I've been tech writing in Confluence for several years, and now I'm part of the K15t team. We make apps specifically for tech writers working in Confluence.

The first thought that popped into my head was Rock the Docs. I worked with some other tech writers who work in Confluence to make this guide to documentation in Confluence. It's also written in Confluence. You may find some handy resources here: https://www.k15t.com/rock-the-docs
(given your experience, I'd love to know what you would add. 🙂)

Additionally,  you should check out the #confluence channel on the Write the Docs Slack. There are lots of tech writers interacting on there daily: https://www.writethedocs.org/slack/

Also, I've focused mainly on user documentation in my time, so API docs in Confluence are a new realm to me. That said, you're not the first to want to use Confluence for this, and I'd love to know what you're looking to do. Please feel free to reach out: mreiner@k15t.com.

Cheers from New York! Matt

Erica Moss Community Manager Sep 09, 2019

@Laura_Schneider We're so glad you're here, Laura! Be sure to check out the Confluence collection, as well as some off-topic threads like Friday Fun.


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