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Hello from Atlassian Open 2019

Hello, everyone I'm Ol, the Head of Digital at Thirst Creative, a creative/digital agency based in Melbourne, Australia. 

The lovely Darline is running the Badge Bar and told me that I would earn a welcome badge by introducing myself here. So here you go!

Very much looking forward to all the fantastic content which will be presented over the next couple of days.



DPK J Community Leader Sep 29, 2019

@Olivier MicheletWelcome to the community of Atlassian super users.

Erica Moss Community Manager Sep 30, 2019

@Olivier Michelet Welcome, welcome! Hope you're enjoying Open (Darline is the best!) Looking forward to seeing more of you in the Community. 😄

Welcome to the Community!  I'll be in Boston at the end of the month for the Open there.  Looking forward to it!

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