Hello everyone!

I'm Daniel a Chief Executive Officer in Hectorsky Network, a non-profit organization.

We're newcomers to Atlassian Software, especially Jira, Bamboo and BitBucket Server.


We're really happy when we get any advices to Jira management. :)


Jimmy Seddon Community Leader Sep 12, 2019

Hi @Daniel Burzmiński!

It's nice to meet you and welcome to the Community!

I'd recommend checking out the Jira, Bamboo & BitBucket product categories if that's what interests you, and don't hesitate to ask questions.  Everyone here is very friendly, smart and creative!


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Thanks Jimmy!

I've look into it a bit more closer. :)

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Hi @Daniel Burzmiński ,

Welcome to the community :-)

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Welcome Sir....

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Erica Moss Community Manager Sep 12, 2019

@Daniel Burzmiński Welcome, Daniel! We're glad you're here. Definitely check out the product collections that interest you, as well as our off-topic threads like Friday Fun. 😄

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Hi, nice to meet you Erica!

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@Daniel Burzmiński - best advice I can give you is keep it simple.


There are three camps people subscribe to.

* Having a clear definition of a project and then creating lots of them (very similar to PMBOK approach)

* Have projects that map to your teams and using "epics" and "stories" and "tasks" to break down the work within that team.

* Having 1 project and using "Components" as either teams or services or products that you work on. Making this field required (with a catch all), and then configuring boards to look at those components.


Some other tips:

Whichever route you go, keep it simple.

* For example, projects open to everyone at first unless there is a clear business need not to. 

* Keep your workflow simple as possible (Open In Progress Done).

* Find a checklist plugin if you don't want to create sub-tasks (highly recommended. a lot less configuration needed).

* Create a 15 minute basic training session for new team members to get started.


Hope that helps!

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Hi @Daniel Burzmiński

Welcome to the community :) - please do ask any questions or seek advice if you need it.

These products can be quite flexible and do all sorts of things - so reach out if you need help moulding them to your ways of working!


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