Hello 'Welcome Center'


I was surfing, trying to answer some Community questions. After a couple of clicks, I found myself in this Welcome Center, and I wanted to say hello. :)

I am Atlassian consultant and developer and we (Snapbytes) have offices in Cambridge/UK and Istanbul/Turkey locations. It is really great to work in multiple locations. 

Hello again :)




carolyn french Community Leader Jan 27, 2019

Hi Tuncay, Nice to see you here too :) I think you also get a badge for posting an introduction!

Erica Moss Community Manager Jan 28, 2019

Waving back at you, @Tuncay Senturk [Snapbytes]!

Hi @Tuncay Senturk [Snapbytes]  I hope you enjoy the Community! A lot of friendly interactions happen here, and you get to learn a lot by both asking and answering!


Alison Atlassian Team Jan 30, 2020

Hello @Tuncay Senturk [Snapbytes] thanks for posting. I love seeing the Atlassian community across the globe. 


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