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Jimmy Seddon Community Leader Apr 17, 2019

Greetings Everyone,

I probably should have made this post a long time ago when I first joined the community.  That was my first jump into an online community and I was a little overwhelmed and unsure where to go/start.

Since then, I have been using multiple Atlassian products (Jira, BitBucket Serve, Bamboo) for a number of years and I have become a knowledge center for all things Atlassian in our office.

I attended my first Summit this year (which was fantastic!) and it was there that I learned that there are so many more people to learn from as well as to offer my own experiences and insight.

Because of this, I have decided to become a more regular active member on the community.  I'm keeping a regular eye out for any questions that I can help answer (and I will do my best to answer those) as well as asking the hard questions that I need answers to.

I look forward to conversing with everyone as we figure out this Atlassian Journey together!




Mikael Sandberg Community Leader Apr 17, 2019

Welcome James, we are glad to have you!

@Jimmy Seddon Hi!  Its great to meet you!  Sounds like you had a fantastic time at Summit as well!  I think I might have caught back up on my sleep.  So much to see and do.  I look forward to checking out some of your Answers and Discussion posts soon.

Welcome James - Wasn't Summit a blast?  So much information and learning.  I look forward to seeing you more in the community here.



BryanT Community Leader Apr 18, 2019

Hi again @Jimmy Seddon . Was definitely nice meeting you at Summit and look forward to "seeing" you here in the Community!

Erica Moss Community Manager Apr 19, 2019

@Jimmy Seddon This is a great intro post — welcome to the party, James! There are a lot of great resources for you here in the Welcome Center, but be sure to check out the product collections and the Friday Fun threads as well. 😎


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