Hello Atlassian World!

Hi everybody,

I'm new in the community. I have a jira admin certificate and I am planning to receive a confluence admin certificate. I'm trying to answer questions in the community. 

I am DevOps and Atlassian consultant for Snapbytes. We (Snapbytes) have offices in Cambridge/UK and Istanbul/Turkey locations. It is really great to work in multiple locations. 

Hopefully see you more. 

Mehmet Sirin Usanmaz


Hi Mehmet, 
Nice to hear from you and to know about you. It's really great to see working and managing at different locations.
Please do share your experiences..
Have a great weekend...
Seeromani Chettri

Welcome Mehmet to the community ;)

Hi @Mehmet Şirin Usanmaz 

Welcome to the community :)

Erica Moss Community Manager Mar 25, 2019

@Mehmet Şirin Usanmaz Welcome to the Atlassian Community! We're glad you're here. 😎 Be sure to check out the various product collections, and show us the view outside your window.

BiancaE Atlassian Team Mar 25, 2019

Hi @Mehmet Şirin Usanmaz - welcome!


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