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Clear Title, :) just kidding

Hi there, 

My name is Przemek, or PJ if this PRZ is unpronounceable for You. Working for Valiantys - one of top Atlassian partners, in Rotterdam office. With Atlassian for 9 years now (started with JIRA 3.X), and still a great fan.

Father of 3 from 2 different women (one is still valid ;-) ), yachtsman, blogger.


Erica Moss Community Manager Sep 13, 2018

Welcome, @PJ Wysota! We're glad you're here. 😄

Hey @PJ Wysota Great to have you here!

Haven't seen you for a while! Ope You are well!!!

Meg Holbrook Community Leader Sep 18, 2018

Welcome @PJ Wysota! What kind of topics do you blog about? Anything you'd like to share? 

Since I joined Valiantys - I did 3 blog posts published (there are some more planned, but as we are consultants with on the top ability to participate in content creation - last 12 months I was able just to do these):

2 are on Riada's masterpiece - Insight for JIRA, 1 on JSD + Exocet empowerment.

Before (this is when I made contact with @zack due to his brilliant and hilarious case on craft beer repository in JIRA) then I was running blog (and let's be fair - when I joined Atlassian partner as employee keeping domain like would have been potential conflict of interests), topics varied:
- use-cases
- apps and add-ons reviews
- Top X add-ons for specific purpose
- best practice (Atlassian stack + business models)

Meg Holbrook Community Leader Sep 19, 2018

Hahaha, yeah, maybe a small conflict there with the naming. Glad to see you around on the community! 

The craft beer repository sounds amazing. There was an atlassian (Sarah Goff-Dupont I think?) that did a whole article about wine cataloging, rating, etc inside Trello/JIRA recently. It was hilarious to read. 

Mirek Community Leader Oct 04, 2018

Cześć @PJ Wysota! ;)

Nice to see you here on community. If you need anything or have any questions - just mention and ask :)

Welcome to community!


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