Augimals at Summit

I can't say when or where it began, but humans are not the only attendees of Summit.

If you're here, keep an eye out for Chuck the Buckeye, CharlieHorse or EllieBlue among others. If you're on the app, we've got multiple tags for these cute and fuzzy companions wandering the expo and various sessions all week. 

I travel with Cinder the Dragon. He's gone to 2 Summits and Tokyo, Japan with me and I take pictures of him so I don't have to be in the pictures. 

Do you travel with anyone?



Erica Moss Community Manager Apr 12, 2019

@Katherine Jansen Hope your Summit experience was a great one, Katherine! Welcome. 😄

Stephanie Grice Community Manager Apr 13, 2019

Welcome, Katherine! I love all the non-human Summit attendees, too :) 


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