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JSM Newbie

Nicole Jones-Campbell March 4, 2024



I am new to JSM and am currently training and learning to get my ACP-520. I also will be helping my organization to implement JSM in a month. Any tips on automations, asset management, workflows and setting up really anything would be helpful! 

With my limited time to get up to speed any helpful tips are welcome. 

Thank you,




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Zim __Appfire__
Community Leader
Community Leader
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March 4, 2024

Hi @Nicole Jones-Campbell, welcome and good luck on this new journey!

To help you get up and running, I would definitely recommend reading through Atlassian's "Getting started" guide

Since it sounds like you have a lot to get done in a short amount of time, I'd also consider using some of the JSM request templates that ship with the product for quick time to value. If you find one template that works best for you, I'd try to apply that same configuration to as many of your portals as you reasonably can. 

Having standard shared schemes will help you create a consistent experience for your end users and your service project teams, and will make it easier for you to maintain and train your portals' agents.

Regarding automations, I'd probably recommend tackling that in a "phase 2" of your implementation. First, I'd get your teams comfortable with working in JSM, and then start enhancing your various portals. Don't worry; the automation requests will come haha! You'll probably identify lots of enhancement opportunities through the first phase of your implementation.

Lastly, to smooth out your rollout, you may consider setting up an internal center of excellence or a champions group that you can entrust with assisting you with this implementation. Perhaps these can be your portal leads or the various service project admins. Enabling this champions group to receive feedback from their portal teams/users will help lighten your burden and prevent you from becoming a siloed single point of contact for everyone at your organization. You can have an ongoing dialogue with this group, share ideas with each other, and make it collaborative.

Being the sole admin can sometimes feel lonely and cause you to second guess your decisions, so I believe even if you're the only one actually making technical changes in the system, enabling a few champions and inviting them into this decision-making progress will lead to better outcomes!

Hope this gives you some ideas!

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Richard Scholtes March 5, 2024

Hi @Nicole Jones-Campbell

First of all Good luck with the future roll out. Aside all the good hints you got from Andrew, I want to give you a not so Atlassian related advice. Make sure you talk to those that should use it before you implement and make sure the management has a vision about your product you can align to.

Nothing is more frustrating than tearing down and restarting an architecture in which you put your heart, just because they didn't know and you didn't know. Communication is key for a good rollout. Be proud about it, talk about it, create the hype and you get the feedback that you need.

Kind regards


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