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Hi Everyone.

I'm Billy Poggi.  

I'm one of the Atlassian User Group Leaders for the Washington DC Group. 

There are a couple of others too.  

Lady #1 is the smart, sophisticated lady who is always running the show.  Whatever show it is, she's a leader.

Lady #2 is a total team player.  Always up for anything.  Bring the curve balls, she's ready for the challenge.

Lady #3 is the crusher.  Whatever comes up, she crushes it.  Like a dojo master with years of experience in rock crushing technique, she's totally the best at crushing it!  

I know we already have a lot of members out there, so I'm curious if you can figure out who is who from my list ;)


Lizzie Rogers Community Leader Oct 01, 2018

I think #1 is @Victoria Guido!

Agreed! But she could also be #3, getting thrown off here with the "rock" references hmm...

@Billy Poggi AUG NOVA, DC, is #2 @Lizzie Rogers? :)

Yeah, originally I was going to be more focused for each person.  But then I thought more about it, and no one is really the SME in any singular thing when it comes to the DC AUG.  Everyone just piles on and gets the work done.  Be it crushing or climbing rocks or handling it when someone throws a curveball type rock.  

It's cool to be part of this team!  

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The meta-pic is kind of a thing I do

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