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Posting from Summit! learning a lot and excited to take back things

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Lizzie_Rogers Community Leader Apr 18, 2019

@Josh  Sorry we didn't see you at Summit!  Hoping to see you at one of our AUGs!

Thanks Lizzie, i hope you do some events more north in MD. I look forward to connecting more with the community. 

Lizzie_Rogers Community Leader Apr 18, 2019

Hey @Josh there’s actually a Baltimore AUG. Tagging @Tanya Christensen who is the leader there to give you more info on their meetups. 

Hi @Josh - I hope to get Baltimore back into the swing of things in May.  April, with Summit and other personal stuff, was crazy for me.

Also - please see if you can attend the Team Tour in DC on May 1st.  Lots of good stuff there as well and just one day.

See:  Team Tour - Government Symposium

It's not just for government so please join us!



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