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  • Help lead the Vancouver Community User group.

    Are you interesting in helping with the Vancouver Atlassian User Group?  There are many benefits including access to free Atlassian training and a ticket to Summit in Vegas. (Some r...

    15 views 0 0 Ian Smith Thursday
  • Running Atlassian in the Cloud...

    This is an interesting article from Atlassian.  

    11 views 0 0 Ian Smith Thursday
  • JIRA Server Mobile

    Atlassian has announced Mobile apps for JIRA server and data center.   You will need to be running version 8.3 or newer to use them.

    17 views 0 0 Ian Smith 07-23-2019
  • JIRA Security Advirsory   Jul 10, 2019 Atlassian has published s...

    24 views 0 0 Ian Smith 07-12-2019
  • Next meetup

    I'm looking for a good venue to hold our next meetup.  A restaurant or pub with a space for us to sit together.  I'll order some appetizers and soft drinks or maybe they can offer a s...

    40 views 2 3 Ian Smith 07-03-2019
  • Anyone interested in Badges??

    I realized I haven't posted in here for a while.  In case you are not actively participating in the Atlassian Community.  This is one more reason to get involved.

    26 views 0 1 Ian Smith 07-03-2019
  • Server and Data Center releasing RoadMap info

    41 views 0 0 Ian Smith 05-08-2019
  • Atlassian security discussion Tuesday May 7th. Noon PST.

    Add your questions before the forum and they will try to answer them.

    38 views 0 0 Ian Smith 05-06-2019
  • New link for community

    You can now user to log into the community website.

    44 views 0 1 Ian Smith 05-02-2019
  • Confluence LDAP breaks after refresh from production

    We have a production environment with Jira and Confluence where both applications allow users to login using our LDAP. We created another environment (Dev) and followed Atlassian's instructions on r...

    79 views 4 0 COK-Orlund 04-17-2019
  • Summit Las Vegas 2019

    Here's where you can list and watch all the summit sessions. ...

    44 views 0 0 Ian Smith 04-15-2019
  • Confluence Security Advisory

    If you are running Confluence Server or Data Center you will want to look at this.  

    69 views 1 1 Ian Smith 04-04-2019
  • Atlassian has acquired AgileCraft...

    Just noticed the announcement.

    58 views 0 0 Ian Smith 03-18-2019
  • Summit 2019 (Las Vegas) schedule

    Here's a link to the schedule.  Might help you plan your days to get the most value.  

    61 views 0 0 Ian Smith 03-14-2019
  • Australia's new law...

    Dec 6 2018 Australia passed a new law. Telecommunications and Other Legislation Amendment (Assistance and Access) Bill 2018 "The new law requires any Australian company to build backdoors to enc...

    223 views 0 0 Ian Smith 02-01-2019
  • Atlassian has increased storage limits on Cloud products.

    Previously the limits were 50GB for Confluence and 100GB for JIRA. or 100GB if both were linked.   As of Jan 11, 2019 they have increased the limits to 250GB per product. Atlassian Stor...

    92 views 0 0 Ian Smith 01-21-2019
  • Social meetup

    I'm trying to plan a February social meetup for the group.  No presentations at this event, just a chance to get together and discuss what's happening. Depending on the venue, we could provide a...

    100 views 1 0 Ian Smith 01-21-2019
  • Topic Tuesday - January 8th 2019

    JIRA 8.0.0 is now available through the Early Access Program. JIRA Early Access Program Downloads Have any of you installed it for testing? Any plans to test with it?   If any hav...

    94 views 0 0 Ian Smith 01-08-2019
  • 1 Week until our meeting. 400 - 401 West Georgia Street Vancouver, V6B 5A1 January 9th AUG Meeting  

    109 views 1 1 Ian Smith 01-02-2019
  • Question about food preferences for the meetings

    I'm thinking about bringing in healthier food for the next meeting.  Are you happy with the Panago or Dominos pizza that we have been doing?  Or would something like Burritos from Freshii o...

    106 views 1 1 Ian Smith 12-28-2018
  • Topic Thursday

    So our January meeting will  be downtown on January 9th at 5pm. How do you feel about the time and location change? Is the 5pm easier than having to kill an extra hour after work?  Or i...

    116 views 2 2 Ian Smith 12-06-2018
  • Topic Tuesday - 27 Nov 2018 - How do you purge old data

    What strategies or tools are you using to remove old data from Confluence and JIRA? (Or other Atlassian tools). I'm looking at the "Better Content Archiving for Confluence" to help reduce the size ...

    97 views 0 0 Ian Smith 11-27-2018
  • Topic Tuesday -- Atlassian & GDPR (General Data Protection Regulation)

    As you may know, earlier this year European Union introduced GDPR rules that give EU citizens extra rights with regards to their rights on data privacy. You may wonder how it relates to North Am...

    105 views 0 0 George Mihailov 11-20-2018
  • Topic Wednesday

    OK I was on vacation yesterday and didn't log in to put up a topic Tuesday.    So this on is just going to be a free discussion.   Let us know what's going on with your Atlas...

    103 views 1 0 Ian Smith 11-14-2018
  • Topic Tuesday Nov 6th 2018 - New Jira Experience

    Sorry for the delay, I was in meetings all this week. Topic up for discussion this week is the new JIRA experience.  Atlassian has forked JIRA development so that JIRA Cloud and JIRA Server ...

    111 views 1 0 Ian Smith 11-09-2018

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