Topic Tuesday 29 Oct 2018 - What do you want at the meetings

Ian Smith Community Leader Oct 29, 2018

I'm told it's Tuesday in Australia....  Just received my reminder from Atlassian. 


This might make an interesting discussion, and it will really help George and myself with planning the meetings.   What would you like to see at the meetings?  What would be of value to you to make it worth the time you are using the come out.

More presentations?  What topics are of interest. 

Round table discussions?  One person says. Hey, I'm having trouble with this, or I just did this and it worked great.  Then anyone present can add their comments.

What else?



I would be interested in hardware and software configuration.

  1. Which products are you running?
  2. On prem or cloud? data centre?
  3. How many instances of each do you have?
  4. Do you have multiple environments (dev, test, prod, more?)?
  5. How many servers do you have, and what are their specs?
  6. How many active users do you have?
  7. What plugins are you using and why?
  8. How many FTE do you have supporting the applications?
  9. What sort of training do you provide users?
Ian Smith Community Leader Oct 31, 2018

Hi David.  Thank you for the feedback.  I'll discuss with George.

I would be interested in how different companies for their situation

  1. configure the hosted solution
  2. customize the workflows
  3. plugins used

I would also like to know if any company migrated from hosted to on-premise or vice versa. What was the decision criteria to migrate, migration process and lessons learnt.

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