integrating with slack with Trello

The office will sometimes post issues in slack that are effectively bug reports.

When we spot such a report we create a Trello ticket.

My problem is:
Is there a way to link a trello ticket to a comment in slack? This way, the person reporting the issue can easily find the Trello ticket to see how the issue is been handled.

I know you can hit reply and post the ticket url, but I was hoping for other ideas.


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Is it an option to have the user create the Trello card right from within Slack? 

We do have a command for that "/trello add [teammates @ mention] [card name]"

That way, the card would be automatically created on the linked board and the link to the card posted in the channel:

Thank you Torben, I didn't know you could do that.


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Francis Peixoto Community Champion Nov 13, 2017

Your mileage may vary and this would need to be tested, but Slack provides legacy outgoing webhooks that could be used by a tool like IFTTT to generate cards on a trello board.

Ex: a user could write a message in #support with the text: "ISSUE: Description of the issue" where "ISSUE" is the keyword for a webhook that only listens on #support.

The only other option I can see would be to develop an integration that interacts with Slack's Events or Conversations API.

Thank you for the advice Francis :-)

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