Keyboard Shortcut to Move a Card from 1 Board to Another

praveenkansara August 8, 2023

HI Community

Is there any keyboard shortcut so that I may be able to move a card from 1 board to another board?


I already know the keyboard shortcuts to move cards from one list to another list (<>) within a board. But sometimes I need to move a card from a list on Board A to a list on Board B. 

The Pop-up for move also does not gain keyboard focus. It requires that the mouse be used. 


Any help is greatly appreciated. 

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Christl_Email for Trello
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August 14, 2023

Interesting question @praveenkansara, I am not aware of a keyboard shortcut to move cards between boards (maybe someone does and will comment here).

If there isn't, perhaps one of these automation options will prove useful:

1. Create a card button (using Trello Automation) to move a card. You will need to open the card and click the button, but at least this won't require you to switch boards every time.

2. Create a rule to move a card with a certain label. You can then use the keyboard shortcut to label a card, that will trigger the rule.

3. Use an automation to move cards between Trello boards (scroll to the bottom of the article) by dragging a card to a certain list. See example of rule below.

Hope that helps!

praveenkansara August 14, 2023

Pretty Nice! Though not the exact solution but a pretty nice way. Thanks for your help. 

The next problem is I have 5 different boards. So I need 4 Additional lists on every single board and then move the cards to those lists to move them to the relevant board.

I do not think there is a keyboard shortcut for this activity. Maybe a power-up. 

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Sayed Bares [ServiceRocket]
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August 9, 2023

@praveenkansara You can use Control + X (Windows) or Command + X (Mac) to copy card to your clipboard then go to the board in which you want to move the card and Paste by pressing Control + V (Windows) or Command + V (Mac).

The list of all shortcuts are available in Hope it helps!

praveenkansara August 9, 2023

Thank You! I am aware of the shortcut to copy and paste.

But Copying and Pasting require me to switch the boards. My use case is as below:

1. I wish to stay on 1 board, say Board A

2. I wish to move 10-15 cards from Board A to another Board B. I want this to be very quicky and overhead-free. 

3. I wish to know to switch to the board B to continue my work. 


Copy and Paste Workflow has the following overhead. 

1. Requires me to either switch boards after every copy


2. Requires me to open two windows whether in Chrome or on the Mac and then switch between windows

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praveenkansara August 14, 2023

If the move pop-up can be opened with a keyboard shortcut and then is keyboard enabled allowing movement with Tab Button and then selection in Dropdowns then this can be a lot better solution.

This would amount to a feature request though. 

I am surprised though that Trello does not seem to support any keyboard based access to the move pop-up. 

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