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I have a question which I'm unsure if this is the right place for but here it is anyway.

It's currently impossible for me to link to any my Dropbox Paper documents from the Dropbox Power-up in Trello. You would think that this would be possible but it's not. I suppose Paper is a separate app inside the dropbox.

Where should I be going to ask for this ability to be fixed? Is the power-up owned by Trello or Dropbox itself?

Thank you!

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Hi Miguel,

Marta here, from Trello Support.

Hmm, that's an interesting question! Could you please reach out to us here trello.com/contact so we can forward your request to the right team? I'd also suggest contacting Dropbox and see if they have any insights on that.



Thanks Marta, I just contacted your support. I'll see about asking that question to Dropbox as well.

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