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Gary Vokes March 20, 2024

Here are 2 extracts from Trello documents about the upcoming changes:

"Who is billable in a Workspace?
Workspace members - Anyone who is a member of the Workspace, including admins."


A free Workspace has 2 members. One board in the Workspace has been shared with 8 other people. This is the only board these people can access. This Workspace would be at the 10 collaborator limit for free Workspaces. However, if this Workspace is upgraded to Standard or Premium, it will only be charged for the 2 members."


The second statement (example) suggests the free workspace with 2 members is free but this is contradicted by the first statement? 

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Dreamsuite Mike
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March 20, 2024

Hi @Gary Vokes 

Maybe this will help.


Trello Free Workspace

In Trello Free, there are no chargeable members.  The only thing is a limitation on Collaborators
Think of a collaborator as pretty much anyone in the workspace.

  • Workspace Members
  • Board Guests
  • Anyone you have invited to the workspace or to a board

The definitive count can be found here...You don't need to look beyond that number, if it reaches 10, you're at the limit for that free workspace:

Trello Paid

If you want to go over 10 Collaborators, you'll have to subscribe to Trello (Standard or Premium). Here, you have no limit on the number of collaborators you can add to the workspace.  

However, you do have to pay a per-member subscription for the some types:

  • Workspace Members - These members have access to the entire workspace and all workspace visible boards (they cannot see private boards unless they are invited to it)
  • Multi-board Guests - These are guests who have been invited to more than 1 Trello board in the workspace.  The difference between the 2 is that they can only see the boards they are members of, not all the other workspace visible boards.
    These guests are charged at the same rate as workspace members
  • Single-board Guests - These guests are invited to just 1 board in the workspace. They have full access to that 1 board and can fully collaborate.
    These guests are completely Free 

Here is an example.  You have 2 boards...

Sam, Bob and Sue are on board 1, they are only on board 1 so they are free

Kat, Mike and Rose are on board 2, they are only on board 2 so they are free

Board 3 is created and it needs Mike, Bob and Sue on it, now they are on 2 boards in the workspace, they are now multi-board guests and are chargeable...

Copy of Untitled Design (Desktop Wallpaper) (1).png

In the example you took from the document is the same explaination:

2 Workspace Members - Chargeable

8 Single-board Guests - Free

You'll only pay for 2 members


Counting Guest Types 

Go to the Members page and you'll see the guest section, this will tell you how many guests are multi-board and how many are single-board.  For maximum billing efficiency, try and structure your workspace with as many single-board guests as possible...

Move from A to B.png


Gary Vokes March 21, 2024

thanks for your reply. So I can create 5 free workspaces with one board on each and have Kat, Mike and Rose on each board in each sperate workspace and still get it free correct?


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