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Can I use the find command in multiple boards at once?

Anthony Bond October 13, 2022


My question is once a 5 digit stock item is entered into a checklist, is there a way that Butler can search multiple boards at the same time for that particular 5 digit stock item {cardname} and create a unique linked card if no match is found? Or link and move the card that was found to the top of a list? We're trying to avoid duplicates and only keep the same original items (cards) with previous item history moving through the workflow. 



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XavRab December 13, 2022


you may want to try the command "find a card titled {checklistitemname} on board "regex:/.*(\w+).*/"

This is taken from this post by @Brittany Joiner : "Create a trigger for when a card moves to *any* list "

regex:/[whatever regular expression]/  being the format in which you can use a regular expression instead of a plain string of text to search for lists or, maybe but I did not test, boards.

regular expressions are a seemingly very obscure syntax to parse texts for diverse combinations. I did not know anything about it a few days ago, but I watched a well referenced YouTube video explaining it well in 20 mn, and I am not a master, but I grasped the concept.

you can find more Trello solutions using regex by searching "regex" in the Trello section of Atlassian community

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