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Features that would be useful, are any of these in the works?

Melissa Smale July 24, 2022

Being able to “edit” a picture you upload - but I just mean to crop it. I use a lot of screenshots and it would be great to go in and just crop the info or part of the picture I need.

Faster picture loading when viewing them within the boards and also when viewing individual pictures within a card. They load so very slowly now.

A more accessible way to get to the archived lists/cards. I have to click through like 5 different places before I can get to this area and often forget how to even get there.

Being able to use the search function with the labels. Right now, you can only search words (as far as I know). You can’t even write a word that you use as a label to search, and have all those cards with that label show up. I use the labels as another step at organizing within a board. If I can’t search by labels, what is the point of this feature?

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Brittany Joiner
Community Leader
Community Leader
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July 24, 2022

@Melissa Smale welcome to the community! All great thoughts, here's some comments that I hope help!

Re editing a picture - not that i know of, although i actually think this is possible with card covers on Android (but I'm an iPhone user so haven't seen/played with that yet)

Faster picture loading - might want to check internet speed? I don't usually have a problem with the images downloading, so i wonder if it depends on if you've noticed the slowness on mobile or maybe if your computer is not getting fastest speeds from your router.

As far as archived items, I could probably use PixieBrix to make an extension that opens the archived items tab with a keyboard shortcut, but you'd need to download the PixieBrix chrome extension - would you be willing to do that? If so, I can try to make that. Otherwise, my best tip is to try to avoid regularly using archived items. For instance - i rarely go there because if i think I'll ever want to actually use a card again, i move it to another list or another board, rather than archive it. 

I think what you might be looking for search is actually filter. This is how you can filter your boards by labels, so you only see cards on your board with a specific label. Instead of searching, try using "filter" (the button next to Show Menu) and see if that is what you're looking for!

Melissa Smale July 25, 2022

Hi! Thank you for the comments! I only have a second, but I wanted to mention the last one - the filter (correct, not search). I type what the label says in the filter bar and nothing comes up. I try using no spaces and it doesn’t work that way either. Am I using it wrong? 

My primary use is organizing patterns I have.

I also use it for projects I’m working on and when we go on vacation, I use it for packing lists.


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