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Escape key while editing a checklist item closes the card

Sam May 19, 2024

Hello, everyone.

Pressing the Escape key while editing a checklist item now closes the card.
The single exception to this that I’ve found is when you hover the mouse cursor over an existing checklist item or its elements (Item Actions, Assign, Change Due Date, “Completed” Box) - in such a case, the Escape key closes just the editing field of the current checklist item.

Whereas previously whenever you created a new checklist item or edited an existing one, the Escape key only closed the editing of the current checklist item - not the card itself - without regard to wherever the mouse cursor were hovering at the moment.

This has been the case for the past several months, perhaps since December 2023, when the issue was reported, but not fixed:

Checklists and checklist items are one of the core, basic Trello functions; it is imperative that their work be simple, but efficient. Having your cards closed whenever you forget to position your cursor “properly” each time you edit a checklist item is not only frustrating, but disrupting to the whole workflow - especially when dealing with large checklists that span over dozens of checklist items.

I hope to see this bug fixed soon, and urge others to speak up.

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Sam May 19, 2024

Reported this to the support as a bug.


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