Virtual Trello-PEI events?

Jodi_LeBlanc Community Leader Mar 31, 2020

Hey Trello PEI group members, since our March and April in-person events were cancelled due to Covid-19, we are considering doing some Trello PEI virtual events until things return to "normal". Would that be of interest to you? If so, what topics would you like to see?


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Erica Moss Community Manager Apr 02, 2020

@Jodi_LeBlanc One of my near-future goals is to create a deck around how to be a happy and productive remote worker based on the Trello team's rules, so stay tuned! 😄

Jodi_LeBlanc Community Leader Apr 02, 2020

Awesome, sounds fantastic! I look forward to it @Erica Moss :)

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