Jonny_Adams Community Leader Oct 11, 2018

Last month the Trello blog featured round one of a social media series on all the places users take Trello. See it here!

It was cool to see all the different places and spaces that users from different walks in life were using Trello.

So, I'd like to see where this group uses Trello. Please post a pic of you using Trello at work, home, or wherever you use Trello. While you're at it maybe even tell us a little about yourself, how you use Trello, and some of your favorite things in Trello.


Jonny_Adams Community Leader Oct 11, 2018

The One With All The Toys


Name: Jonny

#WhereTheyTrello: Arlington,Texas

#HowTheyTrello: “Busted! This is my Trello board for my cigar room project at home. I couldn't put my work boards up due to confidential material, so I went with my next big thing. This is just one of a dozen current boards I use.”

#FavoriteThingsInTrello: “Groups! I love that I can create a board for me or share it with my team at the office or with my family.”

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cassieACE Community Manager Oct 12, 2018



Name: Cassie

#WhereTheyTrello: Austin, Texas

#HowTheyTrello: This is the resource board I give all of my Trello leaders access to! It helps with onboarding materials and who to reach out to. :)

#FavoriteThingsInTrello: GIFs as attachments. I love having GIFs or memes at the forefront of my cards!

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Jonny_Adams Community Leader Oct 12, 2018

@cassieACE that board has been a lifesaver! 

I am really diggin' that Taco companion on your desk.


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