Show me how you Hallo-win

Jonny Adams Community Leader Oct 09, 2018

I love Halloween. LOVE it.

I enjoy decorating. I love strobe lights and fog machines on Halloween night. I like hosting Halloween parties (I used to have an annual Zombie Casino party on Halloween), but haven't thrown one in a couple of years since moving. I like answering the door to trick or treaters in my Zombie makeup or as a Burned Maniac.HalloweenBurns.jpg


I am a sucker for Halloween decorations. I have a two foot wide animatronic jumping spider that has been the talk of the neighborhood for years. It has a motion sensor that picks up when you get within about 6 feet. When activated the eyes light up red then it springs forward ((about 18 inches)rather violently)) and screeches. I once watched a mother abandon her child to escape my big, fake, spider on Halloween night. One year I didn't put it out and actually received some backlash. I think people like being scared at least a little on Halloween. I know that I do.

I even carry a little bit of Halloween into the office. Here is how my office looks right now.20181009_082325.jpg

So, let's see how you Hallo-win. Please post pics of your decorations, costume, t-shirt, or a story about Hallo-winning!

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So impressive!!! 


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