DFW Trello Event 11/06/18

Jonny_Adams Community Leader Nov 07, 2018

Great group of Trello users at last night's event. I got to meet a lot of interesting new folks and learned a bit from the group as well.

I presented on some best practices when starting a Trello board and tied it in with the Thanksgiving Planning board I mentioned in an article earlier this week. I also gave a brief presentation on moving teams from spreadsheets to Trello. 

We are already looking forward to another great event next month! We are open to expand our group from Arlington into Fort Worth and Dallas. So, if you are interested in seeing a Trello event in your area please let me know. Also, we are looking for presenters. If you would like to share a Trello board, some helpful tips, notes on keeping organized, or an experience with power-ups then please reach out and we will get you on the schedule.


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I really enjoyed the event! I brought home some new tips & inspiration to create and use more Trello boards!

The Thanksgiving board you presented was a great idea! It inspired me to move my trips & packing lists off of an excel spreadsheet to Trello as well!

Thanks again!


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