Welcome to the Toronto AUG Group

This is very exciting to have our very first online community group.  For now, we can post about Toronto related activities and events in the Atlassian space.  This group functionality will become richer over time.

Feel free to add an introductory post about yourself and any interests you may have and want to share with us.

As AUG leaders we are always looking to engage more with our members and share their ideas and feedback.

Do you have a great use case story?  Do you have an awesome venue for events?  Do you have suggestions for our AUGs?   Feel free to post or get in touch with us.

Susan, Danny and Kamal (your Toronto AUG leaders)


Hi Susan, Danny and Kamal..

Please let me know how I discuss or set up a meeting with any of you on the process to set up a RBC AUG.. we have monthly meetings set up (Practitioners Steering Group) Linda and I'd like to integrate/morph  your set up as mentioned at the June 25 TO AUG...

Danny Zuccaro Community Leader Jul 03, 2018

Hi Sandra,

Would love to sit and discuss how we launched our internal user group and connect you with the folks from the Atlassian community team. Let me know when would be best to meet and chat over coffee.



c-e-l-i-n-a Community Manager Jul 03, 2018

So exciting to hear this and cannot wait to hear more about this Sandra! 

Hi Danny,

Thanks for the prompt response! I'll set up a meeting, Were are at 88 Queens Quay...we can meet halfway...or you're more than welcome to come by!!

Please send me your contact information and I will send you a meeting invite!

Danny Zuccaro Community Leader Jul 05, 2018

Hi @Sandra Tesoro - tried to send you an email. Can you let me know if you got it please. 


Hi Danny,

Sorry!! I did ...just been in back to back meetings all week!

Will send invite now...

Thanks for setting up this group. I was wondering if there are other people like me who live and work north of Toronto. If there could ever be a session near Steeles and the 404, that would be great. Otherwise, evening sessions after 6pm are good.  At your typical times and locations, I would travel for a session devoted to Confluence, as that's the tool I use the most.

Danny Zuccaro Community Leader Jul 24, 2018

Hi and welcome @Michele Marques! We generally host most of the AUG session in the downtown core to accommodate as many as possible but we can certainly look at other options. Please keep posted on upcoming events as we will have a few focusing on Confluence. 


Susan, Kamal and Danny

There are a large number of tech companies just north of Steeles. Maybe I'll post a separate message asking people working in the area to identify, to help decide if a "Toronto North" meeting would be worthwhile.

My location (office in Don Mills, commuting from Thornhill) means I cannot attend most meetings. Otherwise I would have been more active over the years in the AUG. Getting downtown, especially before the workday is over, is difficult. Having said that, our office is moving downtown in October, so that will change for me soon.

Hi Michele,  Miles and I have been discussing this for a while now.  We’d be happy to provide content if you're open to look at helping with organizing a location. We would be able to do something, but only for 4 sessions before we would need to ”pass the torch”. 


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