Topic Tuesday - August 21

Danny_Zuccaro Community Leader Aug 21, 2018

Hello and happy Topic Tuesday!

We would love to continue to find out more about you. Here’s the question: What is one way Atlassian products have shifted the way your team works?

Looking forward to your responses!!

Susan, Kamal & Danny


More than one way :)

Communication and discipline

Absolutely. We use JIRA as the lifeblood of our development team as well as our customer facing helpdesk. We encourage, if not mandate, that JIRA tickets be the source of truth for everything pertaining to an issue. This avoids outside email trails where not everyone has all the relevant information. If a lengthy document is necessary, there needs to be a link to that document on the ticket. So, to answer your question, without the cohesiveness of the JIRA ticket, and the availability of that ticket anywhere we would not be as productive. Oh wait that's what Ritchie already said in one word (Communication).

We use the tools for all our key processes - HR, CRM, License Management, Support ; everything.  We eat our own dogfood! 


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