Atlassian community event Sep 22nd - Thank you for coming!

Tanya Gordon Community Leader Sep 23, 2019

Greetings, All Atlassian Tel Aviv community members and guests!

Thank you all for showing up at our event yesterday, we welcome all of you! Special thanks to all newcomers and of course all the regulars - you're the best!
We want to send out some links and reminders for you to be able to keep track of our updates and upcoming events.
Stay tuned for updates
  • To stay updated with our events publications, we encourage you to subscribe to the meetup.com group or the Atlassian Community group.
  • You're also invited to join the Atlassian community Tel-Aviv group and share anything you feel might be interesting for our local community. Together we will create a great community, join us to be part of this journey!
  • We also have our very own Youtube channel where we upload all recordings of our meetups. You're welcome to subscribe.
Coming events
  • Matrix Devops upcoming webinars - link
  • Jira & Bira 3 is coming on November 14th - SAVE THE DATE!
  • Next AUG is planned to take place in Mid December. Stay tuned... 
News and updates from Atlassian

Happy Rosh Hashanah!   
See you next time, 
Gal & Tanya



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