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Created Dec 2, 2020, Last active Jan 18, 2022

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  • Atlassian Group Meetup - Calgary , Feb 20, 2020

    Hi everyone! Not sure how many of you are from Calgary. Just want to let you know that we'll have an Atlassian Meetup event on Feb 20, in Calgary. As far as I know, there's no Atlassian User Group in...

    Olivia Wu started a discussion 3 0 01-21-2020
  • Hola Sri Here !!!!

    Hey Guys ,   I am Sri Kumar from Atlassian Migration support team. Been in Atlassian and Migration support team for around 9 months.    Hoping to learn new things from you Guys...

    SriKumar P started a discussion 5 0 01-20-2020
  • Tech Employment Benefits

    Hi All!   This article has been doing the rounds in the UK, and while it's only loosely related to Tech, hopefully it's still an interesting discussion point!   For those of that work i...

    Alex Laycy started a discussion 6 6 12-16-2019
  • Noob - Matt Ventura

    Hello everyone, Looking at extending JIRA and Confluence. Glad you folks have a community with a brain trust.

    mventura started a discussion 3 3 12-12-2019
  • Are you managing releases in Jira? And how?

    Hi  👋, How are you managing your releases and are you doing it in Jira?   I'm asking because in the company I worked before we used to manage releases in Jira for each project and w...

    Nikki Zavadska _jexo_ started a discussion 3 4 11-12-2019
  • Have been learning a lot!

    I've been comparing test management solutions for Jira. One common thread is that a lot of them seem to change their names over the years and the user comments are a good bit different than the vendo...

    Mark Bentsen started a discussion 2 1 11-08-2019
  • What's your current side project?

    Hi there,   As members of the Tech group, I'm assuming some of us are geeks even after 5pm (lol). I currently have my eyes at Flutter, as I like to code from time to time just for fun and i...

    Gezim Shehu [Communardo] started a discussion 4 21 11-07-2019
  • Hello from SP

    Nice to be here...

    goao started a discussion 0 1 10-13-2019
  • Linking Jira with OSLC engineering applications like IBM’s Jazz products or PTC Windchill

    Hi, I'm new here. As a Jira Admin, I work as part of a team developing an app to  link Jira with OSLC engineering applications and directly integrate workflows across repositories.  If...

    Adrian SMYTH started a discussion 2 2 06-20-2019
  • Welcome to the Tech industry group

    Hi all   and welcome to the new technology industry group. We thought that, for a company that help development teams to organize their work, there needs to be a industry group for the i...

    Andree Lindenblatt _AC Cologne_ started a discussion 8 10 06-07-2019
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