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so here's the situation:

i want to create a team with all of my students from different classes, and create a board for each class.

is it possible to give each student access to only his class board and not to all?

i don't care if he sees that there are different boards, i'd just like to avoid him looking around where he's not supposed to..

because now if i add one to the team and add him to his own board he can see and read them all (and probably write in them)


so in the future when cross-class project boards will be created i can add and remove students from the team.


hope this all makes sense,

thanks for your help

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The ability to access JIRA Agile Scrum board is controlled by the filter that is currently in use by that board. That is why you can

1. Create jql filter which would filter only issues for your class.

2. Create a Jira group and include all class members into the group.

3. Share the filter with the class member group.

4. Create agile board from the filter. 

The board will be available only to the users in the class member group.

ok so i have no idea what jira agile is, and looking around is only getting me more there isn't a quick and easy way to do it inside trello itself?

Alexey gave you an answer for Jira Software because you didn't tell us it was a Trello question.

Jira is a lot more powerful than Trello, and has very flexible permission schemes for users and groups.

For Trello, you just need to check the individuals you give access to in each board, not groups, as it doesn't really have them.

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