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2 Scrum Team on 1 Next-Gen Project


For a project I am on we are looking to add more development resources and will be larger than what scrum recommends for a team size.  As such the recommendation is to use a common product backlog and each team have their own sprint backlog.  Would it be as simple as starting two sprints and then selecting which sprint when in the sprint board?

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Pramodh M Community Leader Jan 01, 2020

The best way to do this would be create a custom field of type Select list (Single) to separate Team 1 and Team 2, then while creating issue select which team the issue should be assigned by selecting the field.

Now to separate the Team 1 issue and Team 2 issue you have got the field. 

Then create two boards with JQL saying

as [project = "" AND field = "" ORDER BY Rank ASC] for the board filter, where in field value changes. 

This would track your sprints separate based on team in a same project.

Hope this helps !

Warren Rising Star Jan 02, 2020

Hi @Jerry Ward 

Just to add to this, you don't need to create a new field for this. Many companies that I've worked with have used either the labels field or the components field to store whether an item is for Team1 or Team2.

You will also need to "mark" all existing items and any new items with Team1 or Team2, regardless of which field you decide to use

I agree @Warren 

with last statement as it is obvious, the normal Jira user should know about this.

But the components is used totally for different purpose, to read more on this please follow the link 

And do you know why I specifically stated "Single" because in components multiple options are selected, same with the labels.

Many companies may use the components to differentiate teams, but as community members we should educate them about the uses of components.

Look forward to your reply and insights. Always happy to gain more knowledge.

And understanding the user requirement is must.

Everything I've read on Scrum states that the sprint backlog is for the one team, not shared.  So the need is to have two different sprint backlogs.  Further the teams may not have their sprints be the same length or stop/start on the same day.  Before Next-Gen Jira I would just start two sprints from the same project.  However in Next-Gen Jira you have to complete the active sprint before you can start another.

Pramodh M Community Leader Jan 02, 2020

Okay I am coming to know that, sprint backlogs should be different and the backlog should should be common, what you can do is let the teams have their separate backlog to know whats coming after.

Now if want to create the common backlog for both teams, Let the Original board when you have created the project be the same and follow the first answer I have mentioned.

So you would have three boards on with the filter [project = "" ORDER BY Rank ASC] with no sprints in it, whereas the other two boards would have their respective teams filter in their boards and track their issues !

Hope this helps !

Here is the format of how it looks

This is main backlog

Board Options.jpg

This is filter for Main Backlog

Filter Main Backlog.jpg

This is Team 1 Backlog, where in you can also track Team 1 Sprints.

Team 1 Backlog.jpg

This is Team 1 Filter

Team 1 Filter.jpg

This is Team 2 Backlog

Team 2 Backlog.jpg

This is Filter for Team 2

Team 2 Filter.jpg

Warren Rising Star Jan 02, 2020

@Pramodh M 

But the components is used totally for different purpose

I don't agree with you, this is one of the uses of components - the link didn't give anything to suggest otherwise. Yes, there is a possibility to have multiple components (or labels), but a little common sense will not let that easily happen.

@Jerry Ward , the screenshots that @Pramodh M has given is exactly what I was suggesting, although using components instead of a new field, but that would work well for you. Definitely one project should only have one project backlog and multiple teams should be picking up items from it.

Pramodh M Community Leader Jan 02, 2020

Okay. @Warren

Thanks for the insights.

Hope to learn more from you for the real world...

@Pramodh M How did you get the two boards?  I don't need to filter in the product backlog between teams, I just need to be able to create two sprints (sprint backlogs).

Pramodh M Community Leader Jan 03, 2020

I was using Server for help, then I realized that the question was for next-gen projects.

You need to have the parallel sprints to achieve this, follow the link for more info

Go to Jira settings page in that products page and in that enable parallel sprints

Parallel Sprints.jpg

Here is the parallel sprint configured for Team 1 and Team 2

Parallel Sprints 1.jpg

And the board would show all issues of all teams.Parallel Sprints Board.jpg

@Pramodh M the page you list is specifically not for Next-Gen projects.  I could not find an equivalent in the Next-Gen information linked on the page you list. 

Pramodh M Community Leader Jan 03, 2020

Its looks like parallel sprint is not supported in Next-gen Projects.

I was forgetting that it was Next-gen projects, please include the Next-gen in Summary.

Here's the difference between classic projects and Next-gen Projects.

Pramodh M Community Leader Jan 03, 2020

What you can do is get the Jira Roadmap Plugin (Some of them are Epic Roadmap for Jira Software, Easy Agile Roadmaps for Jira)  if Roadmap feature is important and use the classic projects to extend features.

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Next-gen Projects are made for small teams with different sets of goals...

Here is the link about Next-gen Projects.

There are so many limitations in Next-gen Projects for bigger teams.

Classic V-S Next-gen 1.jpgClassic V-S Next-gen 2.jpg

Hope this helps !

The only reason we went with Next-Gen was for the road-mapping feature.  Otherwise it is very limiting.  If the road map feature would have been also released for original Jira we never would have switched.

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