Opening Keynote - Atlassian Summit U.S. 2017 Edited


For how long will the livestreamed keynotes and sessions be available after they originally aired?

What happened to the video? I was watching it about 1/2 hour after it aired and it just stopped.

Yeah, not getting the keynote at all.

Yes I am get a video unavailable message

Thanks for watching! The keynote has ended and this video is no longer available for playback. Please check back tomorrow for additional livestream events.

Will the video be put up later so we can watch it?

Also hoping these Summit Videos will be available online after the event as well since I will be traveling the next week. Thanks!

Will we be able to watch? 

All of the remaining livestream events should be available for replay immediately after they end.

All but the opening keynote? 

Yes. I've reached out to the Summit team to see when the Opening Keynote will be made available for playback. Sorry for the delay. We'll post an update here when we have an ETA.

I received the reminder 6 hours after it started 😐

Looking forward to a rerun..

Why is the video not available in South Africa?

Also seeing a video unavailable msg from Amsterdam

I see, "This video is private". 

It's still asking me to sign in to watch the video after I have already signed in!

Scrott Grieder, we need a fix for this soon! ;-)

Btw. I am able to @mention Scott but then get an error  "Your message was not accepted. Check for invalid HTML or try reposting as plain text." So here comes a plain text mention.

Maybe it needs a Team to fix this ;-)

I missed the Summit because of Hurricane Irma. Would really love to watch the Opening Keynote, please. :)

Fantastic Thanks to team  ATLASSIAN putting this on Live Stream !!

Will we ever get the video for rewatch?

The opening keynote is now available for playback in the Atlassian Community.  Enjoy!


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