What Linux distributions are supported by Stride? All features available?

I'd be interested to learn at least:

  1. Whether modern Ubuntu desktop versions are supported?
  2. Is there any limitation regarding features?
    1. Is there video call? With multiple participants?
    2. Is there desktop sharing? With multiple participants?

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Daniel Eads Community Champion yesterday

Hi Aron,

From what I can tell, the Stride client is running under electron. It's basically a window wrapper around a Chrome tab (all the javascript / rendering pieces are then handled by Chrome code). Supported platforms for electron include most major Linux distros, including Ubuntu 12.04 and onward.


Daniel (I don't work for Atlassian)

Aha, that makes sense.

Do you, Daniel, eventually have any info about the "advanced" features (like screen sharing with multiple participants) working on Linux? 

I already signed up for the product, but didn't get invite yet so couldn't try it myself.

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